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Long Ago Bereaved

Losing a baby is one of the most significant losses we will ever have to face in our lives, and while the pain may diminish over time it never goes away. Many families who lost babies in the past were not given the opportunity to mourn their baby appropriately and indeed many families do not even know where their precious child is buried. It was accepted practice in the past to whisk the baby away from the delivery room after the birth and many hospital staff members believed that they were sparing the mother added grief by not allowing her to see her baby. Many doctors and nurses felt that they were in fact protecting the mother and parents were often told to go home and put it behind them and have another baby as soon as possible.

If you lost a baby many years ago and want to talk to someone who understands the trauma of your loss you can phone the Feileacain helpline (085 249 6464) or send an email to admin@feileacain.ie.

If your baby’s stillbirth was never registered our befrienders will talk you through how to go about doing this. We can also support you and offer advice on locating where your baby was buried if you were not given this information at the time.

Feileacain holds a number of remembrance services throughout the year where you can remember your baby and honour his/her memory. Check the website for locations and times.