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Difficult Choices

If you are visiting this page, it may be because your baby has been diagnosed with a life limiting condition, or a fatal foetal anomaly. We are so sorry that you are facing such a tragedy. We know you may now be asked to make some very difficult decisions. It is a huge responsibility to make this decision for you and your baby and it might seem impossible. Please remember that Féileacáin is here to support you. It may help to talk through your options, you can contact us any time – admin@feileacain.ie and we can arrange a phone call, or face to face meeting with our trained counsellor.

No matter what decision you make, Féileacáin will support you emotionally and physically to make precious memories with your baby. If you would like us to send you a Memory Box please contact us and we will do this ASAP – 085 249 6464.