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Sponsor a Memory Box

It may feel very hard to take in the reality of what has happened and to have any thoughts of what to do next. However, many parents have told us how important the memories are of the short time they have had with their baby, and that they have found it comforting to have reminders that they can look at and hold.

This “Remembering…” Memory Box is offered to you as a way to create some memories which you can then take home.

Inside this Memory Box you will find:

A Hand knitted blanket
This can be used to wrap your baby in or to lay over them. You might choose for your baby to be buried or cremated with it or you may choose to keep it.

Two Teddies
You might choose to take one home and the other to stay with your baby. Or before burial swap the teddies and give your child the teddy you kept close, and then for you to have the teddy your baby kept close to them.

This small box can be used to store a lock of your baby’s hair (which can be placed within the small bag provided), their identification bracelet or any other small memento.

'We will hold you in our hearts forever' Memory Booklet

This booklet can be kept in memory of your baby.  You can include your baby’s details i.e. weight, length and write a personal message to him or her, which you can either keep or place with your baby.  Other items you may wish to keep include scan pictures, cards/ribbons from flowers, foetal monitor tracing cards and your baby’s cot cards.

Two Butterfly Poem Cards
The Féileacáin helpline number and website details are on the reverse of these cards – the size fits easily in a wallet or purse.

'Support for you' leaflet Folder
The support and services offered by Féileacáin are outlined in these leaflets.

Finger/Foot printing kit
An inkless wipe for taking prints of your baby’s hand and footprints is provided along with details of how to use it.

A Candle

A little candle to light in remembrance of your baby.

A Tiny Jar of Balm

This tiny jar of balm in the little purple box will help you to care for your baby’s mouth.  Apply the balm as soon as you can after delivery to help preserve your little one’s lips.

Féileacáin Candle

“May Your Memories Burn Forever Brightly “

The beautiful Féileacáin butterfly candle has become such an important gift to so many bereaved families who find that lighting it for their baby, brings them some genuine comfort. Many of us light them every day and would not be without one, so thanks to all of our hard-working fundraisers we will now be able to offer one of these candles to every family who loses a baby. The Candle is set with a glass tea light holder which holds an 8 hr tea light, so it can be lit over and over again without burning away your little one's name. It has a spray of beautiful handcrafted translucent amethyst-coloured butterflies, personalised with your baby's name and date of birth, with the poem, “A butterfly alights beside us….” on the back.

Please email admin@feileacain.ie to order your candle.

Photographic Memories
Our aim is to provide each maternity unit and children’s hospital with at least one high-resolution camera through our Gifts of Remembrance Project.  You will find a leaflet with suggestions on how to take sensitive photographs of your child within your Memory Box.

Cuddle Cots
For families, saying goodbye to their baby who has died is a very distressing experience and many parents have shared with us their wish to spend as much time as possible with their baby before the final parting. For many reasons, this is not always possible and as part of Féileacáin’s mission to support bereaved families we have provided each Maternity Unit at least one Cuddle Cot. These cots, which look like a conventional Moses Basket, regulate the baby’s temperature which allows parents to keep their baby with them that little bit longer. We understand that there will never be enough time to say goodbye to your baby but we hope that the Cuddle Cots will extend those precious moments, and also allow parents take their baby home if this is their wish.